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NOTE: This page is old. Check out my youtube for more up-to-date projects.

I've done a number of projects and you'll find most of them listed here, from programming to engineering. Some of the links are on-sight, and some are off-sight.

Programming Projects (in progress)
  • CPPGPGPU Multi platform OpenGL Utilities geared for general purpose computing on the GPU.
  • Programming Projects (finished)
  • ConsoleCursor: use console commands like GotoXY, Color and ClearScreen on unix-like, and windows systems alike.
  • EzSockets: easily use sockets on linux, windows, OSX, PlayStation2, and XBOX. Supports UDP, TCP, blocking and non-blocking sockets.
  • HTTPPing: ping servers without use of ICMP packets.
  • Realtime Audio Lab: look at a realtime FFT output, sinewave output, of your speakers. Automatically generate sinewave sweeps.
  • Socket Scripter: perform scripted actions on a socket with a server from a plain text file.
  • HDCellRT: realtime Ray Tracer that runs on the IBM Cell processor on the PlayStation 3. An academic paper on the topic can be found here: Final revision of my HD Cell Ray Tracer paper
  • Unfinished code (projects that work, but aren't anywhere NEAR polished):
  • HPlotter: Plot file dependencies in your C++ programs.
  • ezSQL: Strip-down MySQL compile-in client.

  • Hardware Projects (completed and in no order)
  • Multiple low to medium power amplifiers using various LM series parts
  • DMX-512 computer converter
  • Multiple iterations of the Optical DDR Pad
  • StepMania Lights output for vintage arcades
  • StepMania Lights output for DanceTraX
  • Various audio filter circuitry using opamps
  • Under-vehicle LED lighting array
  • USB Joypad interface
  • Intelligent computer case lighting output interface

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