HPlotter (unversioned)

This is a small application that takes input .h files and dumps out a graph of all of their includes using Dot/Dotty, the tool used by doxygen to generate graphics. This took takes an input file and plots out a PNG file containing a complete higherarchy of all the includes. Primary paths (the actual order of inclusion) are shown in blue, while secondary paths, are shown in yellow. Click here for an example of what my application puts out.

This program illustrates one of the reasons I don't like including iostream and such.

In order to easily use this app, you will have to modify main.cpp around line 250 if you want to have it generate for files not just in the folder your program is in. Included is also a batch file called genfor.bat. The usage for this program is:
     GenFor.bat [Absolute path to the .cpp file you wish to graph] [the output .png file]
My code is under the FreeBSD License on this project. Dot/Dotty is under the Common Public License Version 1.0.
HPlotter.zip                    41,002 bytes  Just my stuff archived
HPlotter-BundledGraphviz.zip 3,494,439 bytes  Entire zipped package (including a bundled copy of all software)

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