HTTPPing (version 0.1)

This is a quick app that uses ezSockets in order to ping webservers via HTTP, instead of using ICMP packets. Its output is very straightforward and was made for outputting ping times into a spreadsheet for statistical analysis.

The main.cpp is under Public Domain, EzSockets is under the MIT-X11 license. Meaning: you may modify this product and use it for commercial or noncommercial distribution without permission.

This application is not cross-platform and is intended for Win32 users only. The code can be easily modified for use on other platforms. The only thing preventing this from being cross-platform is the timing functions.
HTTPPing.exe   102,400 bytes Final EXE    49,738 bytes Entire zipped package
main.cpp         1,209 bytes Demonstration File

© 2003-2006 Charles Lohr