SocketScripter (version 0.5)

Socket Scripter for ezSockets is designed to allow two-way socket communication. Everything that the server sends back will be logged to a file, while the scripter will connect completely according to a pre-scripted file. Usage:
socketscripter [in script]
There are four commands that this scripter currently understands:
log [text|binary|off]
connect [host] [port] [mode]
listen [port] [mode]
sleep [time]
send [data]
Note that with logging, binary will not reformat the output in any way text will reformat characters below 32 to special characters. Mode is optional on connect. If it is set to one, UDP will be used. Otherwise TCP will be used. Where data is a C-style string, back-slashes perform the same function here as in C. You may use \n, \t, \r, \f, \b, \\, \', \", \[octal number].

An example of a script would be:
		#sample program
		log binary
		connect 80
		sleep 100
		send GET / HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:\r\n\r\n
		sleep 1000
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Util.cpp              3,708 bytes Utilities file
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SocketScripter.exe  114,688 bytes Stand-alone end project

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