ezSQL (unfinished)

ezSQL is designed to be an alternative to libMySQL for use in heavily resource limited systems. It acts solely as a network-based client to an existing MySQL server. It does NOT support SSL and does NOT support the new type of passwords found in MySQL 5+. You may still use it for all MySQL servers from 2.0 to current, but your password must be set using the OLD_PASSWORD( ) command.

Note that this software is unfinished and not actively maintained. It should not be used for any purposes other than personal/home use. This is the SQL client that is currently use in the StepMania Online server.

This software is VERY easy to use and will in general work wherever ezSockets works.

A how-to for this is included as TestBench.cpp. In order to use this library simply compile all the files in the directory into your project. You do not have to modify your project settings unless you plan to develop on non-standard systems (ie PS2, or XBOX 1).
TestBench.cpp         3,444 bytes  Demo
ezSQL.zip            28,838 bytes  App, enough to run, example and this page.

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