EzSockets (version 3.0 revision 2)

EzSockets is a cross-platform (Linux, Irix, Windows, OSX, XBOX) generic sockets class. It allows the user to interface through UDP and TCP. It allows for broadcast and reception on UDP as well as being both a server and a client on TCP.

EzSockets is (C) 2003-2006 Charles Lohr, Joshua Allen, Adam Lowman. Its primary editor is Charles Lohr all questions and support regarding ezSockets should be directed toward him. EzSockets is under the MIT-X11 license, allowing you to use, and modify the code how you see fit as well as releasing it in any commercial or noncommercial products.

It has a framework for transferring data in packets, so that the data can be easily loaded and unloaded.

It can do both blocking and nonblocking sockets using the bBlocking flag. When nonblocking one can query the socket's state using IsError(), CanRead() and CanWrite() functions.

There may be more about it soon, however let's cut to the chase. Here are the downloads:
ezSockets.zip    12,163 bytes Entire zipped package
ezSockets.cpp    19,885 bytes Source file
ezSockets.h       5,663 bytes Headder file
ezSockets.dsp     4,450 bytes Visual Studio Project File
main.cpp          5,546 bytes Demonstration File
ezSockets.exe   110,592 bytes Compiled EXE Demo

© 2003-2006 Charles Lohr